Pastrana Unlimited's Airbrush Classes
Pastrana Unlimited is offering airbrush classes, hands on instruction in automotive art and airbrushing, airbrush courses for beginners, intermediate, and advance levels. Learn how to airbrush from world-renowned airbrush artist Alan Pastrana.

Alan Pastrana's Airbrush Introductory Class
CLASS #1 Two days 500.00 per person INTRODUCTION TO AIRBRUSHING (For the Beginning Airbrush Artist) “Air On…Air Off!” or, push down for air…pull back for paint! Where students will be introduced to airbrushing, by working with different types of airbrushes, discussing maintenance and troubleshooting, air sources, supplies, painting surfaces and preparation. The students will start with, “the basics of the airbrush”, then moving on to learning the basic tricks, techniques, and special FX, that are very much a part of Automotive Airbrushing, and the .....
Alan Pastrana's Airbrush Intrermeidiate Class
CLASS #2 Two days 500.00 per person INTERMIDIATE AIRBRUSHING (For the novice as well as advanced Airbrush Artist) This is the course where we, “Air it all Out!” “Get Set, Ready…Go! In this course students will really learn how the professionals achieve those, “tricks and special effects of the Automotive Kustomizing industry. From hoods to Helmut’s, students will learn about proper surface preparation, paint, materials and costs, graphics, faux effects, and much, much more! .....
Alan Pastrana's advance airbrushing class
CLASS #3 **2 days 800.00 per person ADVANCED AIRBRUSHING (For the advanced Airbrush Artist) “Or for those of you that have practiced really hard, rejected “the dark side,” and mastered the Force!” In this course we will airbrush, Airbrush, AIRBRUSH! Graphics, Murals, and Special FX! Students will be encouraged to complete a finished project of their choosing. If time allows there will be a constructive critique when student projects are completed. There will be discussions, on the business of Airbrushing as well as the many ways to get started. *CLASS .....
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