New Pastrana Video "El Padrino"

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Check out New Pastrana video on how to paint a gansta pit bull "El Padrino".

New Website Debut

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First of all Pastrana Unlimited would like to thank everyone who visited and supported us through out the years, here in the States and around the world. We always prided ourselves in having a strong and effective web presence. Our goal is to give the viewer an awesome experience of both new and current customers, especially those who are trying to learn airbrushing. We know there's a lot of competition out there and we really welcome that because it keeps us on our toes. There's plenty of work out there for everyone and we appreciate our many customers who choose us as their custom painter, "thank you very much for keeping the doors open".

Secondly, we're very excited with our new website debute, this is the unveiling of the new  Our new website brings newer technology to the table, better organization, user friendly navigating, videos imported from you tube, on-line store, airbrush classes, how to demos, and best of all I have full control over it's content and pictures.

For all my fellow upcoming airbrush artist, Pastrana Unlimited did not forget about you. Check out the new "How to Gallery" strictly dedicated to how to's and demos, which will have new demos every month. So be on the look out! We're also coming out with new videos on you tube. Right now we're still working on the on-line store so we can have more videos, t-shirts, clip art, prints, paint and supplies, and much more merchandise for purchase.

For all our motorcycle enthusiast, we are planning to have Harley custom painted tins available for purchase and we will be doing sheet metal swaps for those who are interested.

In conclusion, Pastrana Unlimited is still hitting hard and is not going anywhere anytime soon. I would also like to thank Curt Curseo my previous web designer who did a fantastic job with the old website, I always got complements on it and I will never forget his hard work and dedication, wish you would of continued. be on the look out for new and exciting paint jobs, news, and merchandise coming your way from Pastrana Unlimited. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.
                                                                                                                                                                             Alan Pastrana.

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